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Next event: April 8 - 12, 2019

The Champion

The winner will be the one who scored most points in both rounds

How to follow the challenge

Follow in realtime the results and rankings The final will be live streamed. The crucial 2nd round will also be streamed live

The Numbers

6 traders, 4 quarterly duels, 1 Master final


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Gianluca Beccaria - After the university studies, he has started to work in the BCC Cherasco and then CRBra as financial manager and the manager of the portfolio owned by the banks. At the end of 2014, he was employed by Directa as the head of the institutional projects, a position he currently holds.

Gianluca Beccaria

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Davide Biocchi
An International Trading Champion. He has founded the TradingWeek, created the TWbook, as well as the Trading League, also written the ABC Stock Exchange guide. Collaborates with: Directa, ClassCnbc, and RadioRai1, and The 'Il Secolo XIX' journal.

Davide Biocchi

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Dopo la laurea in Ingegneria Aeronautica ed il Master Mba si è dedicato allo studio dell’analisi tecnica, dell’analisi quantitativa e dell’analisi intermarket. Come trader si è specializzato nel mercato dei Futures e soprattutto delle Opzioni. Tiene corsi di analisi tecnica e di trading dal 1999, scrive articoli per vari siti internet e pubblicazioni finanziare, è relatore nei principali eventi finanziari nazionali. Dal 2013 è trader e miner di cryptovalute. E’ socio ordinario SIAT (Società Italiana Analisi Tecnica) e membro del Comitato Scientifico.

Eugenio Sartorelli

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After a degree in engineering in the year 2000, Marco Vescovini has developed a passion for the economy along with his corporate career. In 2008 he started investing in the Covered Warrant market as an independent trader, where in the last years he developed his investement strategy through a dedicated study if automated trading. He trades the main indexes and the major forex pairs.

Marco Vescovini

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The Challenges

2 Rounds to determine who is the best trader

The Final Master

To determine the podium with 3 best traders of the year


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