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Graduated in Economics and Commerce with 110 cum laude, MBA Master in business management, he began to trade professionally in 1990. Since January 2013 he has been conducting a radio broadcast on the financial markets on Radio Nettuno Bologna. From January 2016 he collaborates with a regular column for Investors ’Magazine Italia. Since 2000 he is a private professional trader and participates in numerous events dedicated to trading and investments.

Antonio Cioli
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After graduating in Aeronautical Engineering and gaining an MBA, Eugenio Sartorelli devoted himself to the study of technical analysis, quantitative analysis and intermarket analysis. As a trader he specialized in the Futures market and above all in Options trading and strategies. He has held technical analysis and trading courses since 1999, writes articles for various websites and financial publications, and is a speaker in main national financial events. Since 2013 he has been a cryptocurrency trader and miner. He is an SIAT (Italian Technical Analysis) ordinary member and a member of the Scientific Committee.

Eugenio Sartorelli
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Rüdiger Born is managing director of BORN Traders and also founder and head of trading of BORN STAHLBERG & PARTNER, his asset managing enterprise in Switzerland. Since early in the 90s he is an active trader at the international financial markets... more

Rudiger Born
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Independent trader since 1998. He won the Top Trading Italian championship ITCUP in 2015 with a +517% performance and he has also won the ITForum competition Top of the Top the same year

Fernando Di Fazio
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Trader since 2006 (12 years), after 2 a years experience in an Hedge Fund. Starting from the weekly charts, he trades on daily and intraday timeframes with his own proprietary Profste\s methodology

Stefano Bargiacchi
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Uncle Trader is a community of traders behind indicator iMustang and algorithmic system iMustang SEMI-AUTO. Mission of Uncle Trader is to make trading easier for everyone using the algorithmic and quantitative tools. Founded by David Velvethy, trader and professional in financial markets.


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2 Rounds to determine who is the best trader

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To determine the podium with 3 best traders of the year


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