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September 23 -27, 2019

The Champion

The winner will be the one who scored most points in both rounds

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The Numbers

6 traders, 4 quarterly duels, 1 Master final


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Davide Biocchi
An International Trading Champion. He has founded the TradingWeek, created the TWbook, as well as the Trading League, also written the ABC Stock Exchange guide. Collaborates with: Directa, ClassCnbc, and RadioRai1, and The 'Il Secolo XIX' journal.

Davide Biocchi
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Trader since the year 2000, he developed an interest for inefficiencies and arbitrage opportunities and exploiting them through algorithms and automated trading. Through a team of professional developers, Maurizio created proprietary software and founded Algebrica, an algorithmic trading company. His latest entrepreneur endeavor has been Crypto360 to provide services in the cryptocurrencies developing environment.

Maurizio Possega
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Graduated in Statistics, he also obtained a Master's Degree in Banking and Finance. He has worked as an independent professional Trader since 2007 on Indexes, Futures and Options. He also worked as an external consultant to support Trader's desks of the most important Italian investment banks such as Banca Aletti and Banca IMI.

Nicola Para
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Student of Economics at the University of Trento and co-organizer of the eighth edition of the Trading Competition UTFEN in collaboration with Directa. Ordinary Affiliate member SIAT, he also attended the SIAT's Master in Technical Analysis of Financial Markets.

Luca Dallago
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The financial markets are his passion since 2009. He carries out discretionary trading, both on intraday and multiday timeframes, mainly on Futures on european and US indexes, and MIBO options. As an investor he works on a medium-long term portfolio on stocks and bonds.

Fabrizio Minciotti
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The Challenges

2 Rounds to determine who is the best trader

The Final Master

To determine the podium with 3 best traders of the year


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